Dakota Havard


23 t/m 26 September
Social Aspects
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What role do humour and satire have in art? How does this relationship between art and humour affect our view of reality?

Over the course of this residency I will be conducting research into the realm of comedy and humor. I will look at how our relation with reality has become a satirical one and I will connect this to our current state of affairs in the world, politically and existentially. More importantly, I will be searching for things that are real, or are presented as such, that crumble in the looking glass of satire. I will be conducting this research using various texts and writings by Albert Camus to better understand the absurdity of lifeI will also be referencing the Whitechapel publication “The Artist’s Joke”, which presents writings from artists philosophers and writers with the goal of discussing the facets of humor in art and how humor is often considered the lower form of arts, even though it may be its champion.